• Contemplation
  • Pandemic pondering

      There is a strange rage in the air A strange kind of discomfort Silence, panic and breathing low The sun shines a little less today The wind blows little slow. The world is standing still, as if hanging by a moment. When I was very young, I once came across to an essay subject: […]

  • Recipe notebook
  • Beat the heat

    I called my friends over for a dinner before Ramzan (Ramadan). Due to the heat everyone wanted easy cool food. I made some salads, which will be featured in Bangla Hues pretty soon. But today, I will give you the Strawberry ice-cream recipe, I did for them. Well, you can call it fro-yo, ice-cream or […]

  • DIY
  • Energy steam

    After the longest interval I am back. I was busy with many personal and professional projects. Moreover wasn’t motivated enough for the blog. However, I feel as the summer has officially set in, I have many ideas, DIYs, recipes and fun things to share. So here I am, back to where I belong. This year […]