Work Station


Work station is an extremely important area, for home office doers and also for people like me, who needs to do a lot of random things, to keep busy. I love my desk. I have made it very recently. I didn’t have a proper working zone till last month. Then one morning I just got up, called one of my designer, took his advice to re-do the work space. This is perhaps one of my greatest gift I gave to myself.

My work station

These days people need me-time more than ever. And to spend a quality, me-time a good work station helps a lot. Watching movies, reading a good book, working on the net, doing papers whatever the work is, or may be like me, labeling jelly jars, we do need a place to do things peacefully. In my home we three have occupied three bed rooms and designed it accordingly. No one messes up with another in times of trouble. This way the relationships too, stay better, personal space adds breathing space actually.

You do need a place to keep the papers safe!
My favourite thing in my desk the drawer knob…

I would like to have a peep in your home to see your work spaces too. How about mailing me your work spaces, and Every week I shall upload it in the banglahues facebook page. It will be fun, and this way we can also give inspiration to others too.

A writer’s desk…

Happy working guys, only 2 days left to weekend, hope you guys are planning something worthwhile.

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