alum new 1I have always heard alum makes underarms cleaner. And I always wanted to use alum. Couple of month’s back I visited Jatra, and saw a square little alum block. Took it, and used everyday after shower, ever since. And it is doing miracle. My husband has his own, uses after shave and also on various parts of his body. Alum helps reduce body odor if used underarms, also helps the place look whiter. For me, it is staying in my beauty regime, kind of forever. You can try it too…


Use Alum for purifying water, after shaving balm, natural deodorant, to fights against wrinkles (Yes! it tighens the skin too…), use it for cracked heals. Best thing about is, it is cheap. All you need to do is, take the alum block wet it with fresh water and rub in your desired area. That’s how simple the technique is. It is cheap and safe…

alum new 3

So, are you up for it?



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