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  • Grilled Chicken Salad

    This salad is one of my staple lunches. I like it, as it is easy, it has crunch, right balance of citrus and my favourite grilled chicken. Readers, this is the second issue of my 10 episode salad recipe. I am on a diet, and this seems to be a perfect fit for my lunch […]

  • Inspirations
  • Definitely pretty

    In inspiration section today we have Saria Saguaro. Saguaro means cactus and she thinks her nick is accurately given. She is one of the best bakers in town, who has her own online cake studio The Flourist. I adore her cakes, especially as they are made of buttercream. Besides making beautiful signature cakes she does […]

  • Inspirations
  • My blogging inspiratons

    One of my most favourite online indulgences is reading lifestyle blogs. I look at the beautiful pictures and get my inspirations for cooking, home making or DIY projects. It has been few years now that I spend my leisure time watching these pages. They are addictive, they are inspiring and above all they are brilliant. […]

  • Styling
  • A fresh look

    I was meaning to revamp my bedroom look for the last few months. Suddenly last week, being little whimsical as I always am, got new bedroom accessories and redecorated the bedroom. As Eid is just around the corner, I thought of get the ball rolling. Few months back I bought a second hand antique dressing […]

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  • A slice of ovaltine

    I have realized, I can’t live without cake. I thrive on cake, be it baking or eating it. I am addicted to the warm smell of freshly baked cake. I started baking because I love to eat cake. Now, as it is my business, i get to eat less and bake more. However, if I […]

  • Mirror mirror
  • Orange blossom

    Do you like Orange? I love Orange juice, the fruit itself including the peels. Raised eyebrows? Well, I can explain. Orange peels are a great source for vitamin c, and in my family we have a secret recipe of mashed orange peels to be eaten with rice. Apart from this I like Orange peel for […]

  • Aromatherapy Alchemy
  • Essentially fights headache

    There are millions of people across the world like me, who suffer from headaches every day. I suffer from migraine the king of headaches, sinus headaches and at times tension headaches. I try to maintain the routine as much as I can still I don’t know what to blame. There are hundreds of reasons that […]

  • Traditions
  • Mother’s Day special

    Hello there… Hope all are okay… Today is mother’s day and I guess all are busy celebrating. Here is something very little I got for my mom. Ombre velvet cakes layered with mocha buttercream and covered in vanilla ombre buttercream. A simple rose on top with pearls scattered. Nothing is better than this for your […]

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  • Little munch little tangy

    This is my first post of a 10 episode salad fiesta. I am very much fond of salads. These recipes will be filling and healthy at the same time.  You can consider this as a reminder to myself to eat fresh healthy food. There are times I have weird cravings. I feel I will die […]