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  • How to Deal with Artist’s Block

    The term “Artist’s block”, aka creative block is very familiar to both traditional and digital artists. Creative block is when you cannot think of anything new to create. In easy words, you run out of creative ideas. Being an artist, I go into this block phase now and then. It is frustrating to me. As […]

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  • Immunity against virus

    The best way of preventing corona virus or any seasonal flu for that matter, is to boost your immune system. You will not get a robust immune system only from food, this is a lifestyle that people need to practice. A cycle of good food habit, good routine and exercise can only benefit you in […]

  • Contemplation
  • Pandemic pondering

      There is a strange rage in the air A strange kind of discomfort Silence, panic and breathing low The sun shines a little less today The wind blows little slow. The world is standing still, as if hanging by a moment. When I was very young, I once came across to an essay subject: […]

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  • Guide to Bhutan

    I have been planning to travel to Bhutan at least for past 4 years. Somehow, as time doesn’t match I kept on postponing it. This year I was adamant, and went on without my husband and with my son. Bangladeshis have visa on arrival system in Bhutan, hence no need to apply for a visa. […]