• Inspirations
  • A Tiny Best Friend

    It seemed like 17th July, 2021 would be like any other day, when I had gone to visit my grandmother’s house. But, upon arriving, I was introduced to two tiny creatures. My aunt had found these two kittens, soaked in the rain, and without any sustenance. One of these two screaming banshees was to be […]

  • Inspirations
  • Tagore’s Timelessness

    Author: Tasnia Naureen A name we are all familiar with from our childhoods, from the songs on the radio to the stories we would study in Bangla classes, is Rabindranath Tagore. In Bengali history and culture he is not just a name, but a pillar of the country’s literature and music. Not only that, his […]

  • Contemplation
  • A Lonely World Made Lonelier

    Who would have thought that, in the span of a year, our lives would be changed so drastically? Things that were part of our everyday lives before now seem daunting as we are faced with the anxiety of catching the virus. The virus I am talking about is, of course, Covid-19, which has greatly impacted […]

  • Styling
  • Defining individual style

    Fashion is a major aspect of an  individual’s personality. One can use their outward appearance to express oneself, for example  darker shades for when they feel gloomy and lighter shades for when they feel cheerful.  Although, for some individuals, how they dress might not be a big deal, but for others it is an  art […]