A different kind of a sunrise

[ A different kind of a sunrise ]

After long break, and since Tea-Man will be traveling again, we have decided to do a tea story first time in a year or more. Mishael chose Saffron Kahwa Green Tea a delicacy from Tea Trunk. The tea comes in a tin box, very well packaged. The box looks like old time tobacco boxes, that you would like to keep after the tea is over, to keep your precious things, namely needles, threads or bobby pins with no collateral required.

Lovely handy box [ A different kind of a sunrise ]
Lovely handy box
The tea is a blend of spices with green tea collected from India, the key ingredients are: Green tea leaves, Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginger, Almonds, Rose petals and Saffron Strands from Kashmir. According to Tea trunk’s website, this is one of the their most luxurious tea blend ever; inspired from the age-old recipe of Kashmiri Kahwa. Kahwa is truly one of the oldest known recipes of tea, a tea blend fit for Emperors only.

Water boiling in my beautiful copper kettle [ A different kind of a sunrise ]
Water boiling in my beautiful copper kettle
Little did we know that the final tea will look like liquid gold or sun rise in a cup, yet, as it was called Saffron tea, I preferred to take transparent little glasses, well, I used my Tequila shot glasses, and believe me it actually looked like “Tequila sunrise” in a cup. The gorgeous liquid gold will remind you royalty as if it wears an invisible crown and sits on a gigantic glamourous thrown. The flavour is nutty & spicy and it leaves that Umami taste in your mouth.

Blended royalty [ A different kind of a sunrise ]
Blended royalty
It requires few items, the manual says, copper kettle is required to steep the tea, and the water needs to be boiled in precision. We boiled it till it reached 90 degrees, actually below boiling point. The water can’t reach more hot as it will burn the leaves and the exact taste wouldn’t come through. Once you have the desired temperature, put of the fire and give in the tea leaves for 2 cups we gave 20 grams of tea. The tea steeped for good 5 minutes and was ready to be poured. Before we poured the tea, the manual said, we should give a pinch of ground almond in the cups and pour over it. It you want little honey can be added, however we avoided as it will losen the actual taste.

Little grounded almond increases the taste [ A different kind of a sunrise ]
Little grounded almond increases the taste
I must admit this is one of the best tea blends I have had and I yet another time, thank my twin soul for allowing me to taste a brilliant tea. I sure belong to royalty as I am quite sure, this is my kinda tea. So peeps, next try to get the hold of Tea Trunk’s, Saffron Kahwa Green Tea and feel like Emperor Akbar.

Liquid gold [ A different kind of a sunrise ]
Liquid gold
Photo: Author

Tea maker: Mishael Aziz Ahmad