A Tiny Best Friend

It seemed like 17th July, 2021 would be like any other day, when I had gone to visit my
grandmother’s house. But, upon arriving, I was introduced to two tiny creatures. My aunt had
found these two kittens, soaked in the rain, and without any sustenance. One of these two
screaming banshees was to be under my care, and who is now a primary source of my happiness.
He was too tiny for his age, filled with fleas and other health issues. But, he had the most
beautiful eyes, that were blue like a starless midnight sky. It has been a month or so since
bringing him home, and after an immense amount of love and care, he has grown into quite the
handsome feline. Even though he can be a nuisance at times, he has filled my home with joy and
has even become my best friend. This is only one of the magical things about living with a pet,
as I’m sure all pet-owners can relate.

Photo credit – Ashfia Nahreen on Instagram

Throughout my life, my sister and I had several different kinds of animals as pets, whether it was
a stray we found on the street, or it was bought from Katabon. Regardless of where they come
from, you now have to be responsible for the health and happiness of these helpless little
creatures. No matter what species an animal is, the care of a mother is essential for all, especially
if they are newborn, or only a few months old. In most cases, these animals were separated from
their mothers at a young age, thus they require that much extra care. When I brought my tiny
kitten home, he would scream day and night. It left me confused and worried, if he was hungry
or if he was in pain. However, I soon realized he craved the warmth that he otherwise would
have got from his mother, so I started letting him sleep beside me on my bed. His cries eased,
knowing he was safe and warm, and thus he could sleep peacefully. So, no matter what species
the animal is, love is a basic necessity for them, along with food and shelter.
Like any living thing on the planet, you will face some challenges in taking care of your pets too.
Prerona is a proud mother of her dog, Hash, who is a Lhasa. She not only took care of Hash since
she was four months old, but tended to Hash’s puppies as well. Having a pet comes with the
constant worry of whether they are okay. For Prerona, these worries are heightened whenever she
goes out and has to leave Hash at home. Most times, you will find your pet sleeping quietly in a
corner of the house, but the concerns still hover at the back of your mind as you think of every
possible worst case scenario. Potty training a pet also poses a huge challenge, as they try to
figure out their new home. Prerona mentions that Hash would use all corners of the house as her
bathroom, until she finally fixated on one area. When Hash had her puppies, Prerona would also
have to run around, cleaning their excrements. She states that taking care of these puppies is
almost similar to the care that goes into newborn babies. A good precaution would be to keep
small objects out of the pet’s reach and move things, such as shoes, to a place that is higher
above the floor. These challenges are inevitable, so one must prepare themselves to face these
before getting a pet.

Photo credit – Ashfia Nahreen on Instagram

A common misconception most people seem to have is that having a pet is a one-sided
relationship. You give them food and love, and you get nothing in return. However, this is not
true in the slightest. Like humans, these animals feel emotions as well. They feel happiness and
sadness, just like we do, and these emotions become apparent from close observations of their
behaviours. My kitten and I do not speak remotely the same language, however, we always seem
to have an understanding between us. There are instances when he would softly purr and climb
onto my lap, which indicates that he feels safe, and it is also a way for him to show his affection
towards me. Prerona’s dog, Hash, would try to share some of her food with Prerona to show her
appreciation for being fed. After a while of living with your pet, you would become acquainted
with such behaviours of theirs. But, it still fills my heart from the first time my kitten softly
licked my face as a sign of his love to the hundredth time he has done it. Thus, if you show your
pet how much you love them, they will also find their own ways to show you how much they
love you.
A pet can be as rewarding for the owner, as it is for the pet. They serve as a form of round the
clock entertainment, even when they are sleeping. When I feel stressed from piles of
assignments, sometimes I take a break and just watch my kitten sleep. He always sleeps in the
most amusing positions, and I find my stress and anxiety subside from the rhythm of his soft
purrs. Prerona also mentions that Hash greets her with excitement whenever she comes home,
and falls asleep wrapped up in the clothes that still carry Prerona’s scent. The feeling of a pet’s
loyalty and love is incomparable to any other feeling in the world, as it is one of the most pure
forms of love and affection. I would encourage everyone to adopt one of their own, with proper
research beforehand. A lot of these animals, that are strays, face much abuse and neglect on the
street. But, once adopted they will be forever grateful for the love and care they are surrounded

Author: Tasnia Naureen