About Bangla Hues


Aziza Ahmed:

I am a snuggler, weekend baker and an utopian dreamer. My idea of utopia involves picnics in springtime, in Bangladesh. Baking and writing blog are two most favourite things, that I can do all day. Yet I have to keep things real for all practical purposes, thus I work as a change maker for vulnerable communities.  Anything  that is natural, organic, handmade and fresh attracts me. This blog is about everything in between the sky and the ground that I care about.


Saiyada Sultana

Describing myself is one of the things i don’t like to do. because I clearly have no idea about myself. I am a confused woman in my early twenties. My friends describe me as a “crazy Woman”. I love binge watching netflix, I love travelling and I love Tom Hanks (come on make him the President). Most of the time I do nothing but scrolling through social media and question my life decisions. And the other times I paint, sing, dance, try DIY stuffs, take photographs and party. Oh! and I also write. I have been writing professionally for around two years now. So in this blog I will write about things I love to talk about (kind of preaching). So, Enjoy reading.