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Aziza Ahmed:


I am a snuggler, weekend baker and an utopian dreamer. My idea of utopia involves picnics in springtime, in Bangladesh. Baking and writing blog are two most favourite things, that I can do all day. Yet I have to keep things real for all practical purposes, thus I work as a change maker for vulnerable communities.  Anything  that is natural, organic, handmade and fresh attracts me. This blog is about everything in between the sky and the ground that I care about.




Tasnia Naureen 

My name is Tasnia Naureen. I currently live in Dhaka, Bangladesh and study Pharmacy at BRAC  University. I have developed interests in several other areas as my studies leave  me bored and stressed at the same time. During the hours where I’m not skimming through  academic articles and papers, I spend my time learning other skills such as embroidery and  painting. The number of Pinterest boards on my account is a clear indicator of the endless skills  and topics I’m eager to learn. Also, a big part of me is my love of reading. I am old-fashioned in  the sense that I strictly read physical copies, instead of electronic or PDF ones. But my reading list  is scattered throughout several different genres, from fantasy to mystery to classic literature.  


Tahmid Islam


Hi! I am Tahmid, I am currently doing my undergraduates in Media and Mass communications. I am a man of many passions that seem ever so fleeting but they all come back. I love making music and playing with sounds, Taking pictures of anything and everything that intrigues me and playing and learning about anything I can just about get my hands on. But my favorite muse is writing about things and thoughts so I can share all that I feel with the world.

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