Arnob – 70 minutes of great emotional journey of the one and only

Arnob – story of a musician, a boy and a magic by Tahmid Islam

Arnob, you have most likely heard of him, if you’re a young, middle aged, old or just simply a person residing in any corner of Bangladesh and enjoy listening to music. You probably even have some of your favorite memories or a time in your life where Arnob’s music has helped you pass your time. Something about the chords that Arnob uses and the voice that he sings in just enraptured you in a way nothing else can. Such is the magic of the musical genius Arnob.

The biography titled “adhkhana bhalo chele adha mostaan” Directed by Abrar Athar K. is a very romanticised body of work in regards to Arnob’s life or so it feels. Rightfully so I might add since Arnob has weaved our love for music with his timeless tracks named “Tomar Jonno” and “Hariye Giyechi”.

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A Biography of  Arnob “Adhkhana Bhalo chele Adkhana Mostan”

In this documentary Arnob was able to visually and audibly encompass the emotions each one of us feel when we listen to any track. The presentation and general assembly of the documentary had me entangled in love in ways I never thought I could be tied in. From the colors that were shown and every masterfully crafted scenery that Arnob was just present there speaking in, to the places he was performing with his peers.

The direction of photography was simply immaculate and one might say that it was very similar to western movies or documentaries which, personally I think is not appropriate to say the least. We have had talent that resembled similarly to this sort of production. It is important to give credit where it’s due to the talent that we have here among us without diminishing it by comparing it to other things. All of this tied beautifully in a knot with Arnob performing his own music and classical /folk music performed by him is truly a wonderful experience.

Speaking about Arnob’s music, even when I was far away from this country I had fallen in love with him the second my ears heard those first notes from “Tomar Jonno”. This short documentary is really just a commentary of how he personally has evolved overtime and how he has grown into the person that he is right now. He speaks on how moving away from his home in Dhaka to Kolkata and coming back eventually has affected his personality. Arnob finally shared his memory of falling in love with music and the duality of all cultures and experiences.

The charm that he possesses is all evident in the duality of his whole life, something that he subtly mentions. How his mother being a muslim and his father being a Hindu is a really interesting dynamic and it has passed unto him to weave his personality. It seems as though the documentary tries to pinpoint where he lies in life. The gray area that he has found himself settling in is truly a testament to how he is as a person. It really is captivating with the visuals in the film.

The short documentary however does not only have Arnob speaking about his life but also some outdoor studio performances and are edited in the background of him speaking as well. No complaints there, every time Arnob performs, it feels transcendental to say the least.

He himself admits that perhaps life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and there are times where he had succumbed to the darker side of himself when he comments about his problems of using. Regardless of the issues, it really does not define him entirely as a person since it was a transitional period. He does not glorify it and is mature and understanding on a deeper level about it in a way that not anybody else other than himself personally can understand it.

From what we can see in the documentary about the way he speaks, he really is trying to do his best finding himself through all the struggles that he has faced from fitting in. Which is obvious when you move places so often and try to find a gray area to find your peace in. Perhaps we can take a few pages from his life for we are just as human as him. His wisdom and charm is something every single one of us can adapt.

However, his journey in the music industry was an endeavour that only he can claim to have experience for. Through all his struggles of being lonely and lost and hurt and sad, All he has brought with his music is pure joy. That truly is a testament of the selflessness of many artists. There is much wisdom he still imparts from being himself and carrying himself through this endeavor of struggle that we call life. Perhaps we will continue to be fortunate for as long as he is alive and breathing.

You also can stream the documentary from “Chorki” if you wish to view and enjoy this immaculate viewing experience that is “Adhkhana bhalo chele adha mostaan”. It is 70 minutes in length and every single second is as captivating as you might expect when you’re peering into the life of a living legend that is Arnob.

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