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Beautiful Nepal

Beautiful sunrise from Country villa
Beautiful sunrise from Country villa

I have been longing to write on my tour to Nepal last year around this same time. As I got burnt badly after we returned, and lost a dear cousin, I guess I never got the grip back but until very lately. Nepal tour was a very special tour we took as a family. As much as I love to travel alone and see things in my own way, I love to travel with my son. I love to see the wonders in his eyes that we have already discovered. Little questions, surprises and his big experiences make our trip more meaningful. My husband, who is anti travel, only takes the trouble to accompany us as our body guard. Before I get on to the experience let me ask for forgiveness for the poor images as I took it with my broken iPhone 4, I couldn’t do justice with the places. Second I forgot to take pictures of the food. I am sorry.

My son is into nature, quite mornings and relaxed afternoons. I was dying to take a trip abroad as Arshan never traveled till last July. So a nearby spot with minimal hassle was our first priority. I thank my lucky star that before it got all ruined in this year’s earthquake we could have a good look at things.


We went to Katmandu and Nagorkot only. We stayed in the country Villa resort in Nagorkot. A mind blowing space, almost in the clouds. It was just like a walk into the clouds, into the Himalayan sky, just as the middle class dreams are made of. Our room had one of the best views. Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to make it on a cloudless day, to see the Himalayas. But the mountains in the distant was as wonderful as we expected it to be, However Arshan wasn’t very happy to see the ice from such a great distance, I bribed him saying, he can run on ice. He took his anger out on me by refusing meals. The scenic beauty, luxurious night sky, cold winds all made it dream like. We haven’t gone out of the villa much. It was a relaxing trip as promised to two of my men so didn’t walk around.

We stayed in Nagorkot for two days and 2 nights in between travels to Bhagtapur, a place so beautiful that I won’t take the trouble of writing it in words.


Two more nights in Kathmandu was more of seeing the temples and visiting Lord Buddha. My husband went to Nepal too many times and got bored of the temples so he waited outside, smoking around being on himself. I went in with my son and on the second day we three went with my Nepalese sister Ritu Baral. She showed us Patan Darbar square and Bodhnath temple. I had the most wired feeling as I went to Bodhnath temple with Ritu. It was a trip I made only alone with Ritu. There were playing Tibetan Incantations a rhythmic Om Mani Padme Hum on a repeat track. The place seemed so holy to precious that I feel in love with it. This is exactly what I wanted from Nepal. Peace of my mind.


Patan Darbar Square

As for food, Nepali thali and famous momo was on our menu during every meal. The hot and sour chutney, hot spicy momos and freshly cooked meals were satisfying. It will remain as one of my most memorable trip as it was the first for our son. I loved Nepal, every bit of it. The friendly tour guides, happy supportive natives and welcoming landscape was overwhelming and comforting. Photo: Author

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