Energy steam

IMG 1993 e1495869510312 Energy steam

[ Energy steam ] After the longest interval I am back. I was busy with many personal and professional projects. …

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Orange blossom

pack6 e1463139804479 Orange blossom

[ Orange blossom ] Do you like Orange? I love Orange juice, the fruit itself including the peels. Raised eyebrows? …

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Scarf it up

s5 e1447007598521 Scarf it up

[ Scarf it up ] Winter is technically here in Dhaka, it is November already. The official season for scarves, …

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Rapunzel’s secret

IMG 0677 e1447003854516 Rapunzel's secret

[ Rapunzel’s secret ] Yet another post starts with confession, I have only shoulder length hair that too not very …

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Clean the brushes

IMG 0327 e1445690867174 Clean the brushes

[ Clean the brushes ] Cleaning makeup brushes is as boring as cleaning the face after a party is. I …

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Wardrobe makeover

IMG 1348 e1441395965209 Wardrobe makeover

Wardrobe makeover : I usually wear kurti from Westside, (an Indian store) everyday. I wear it to work, to dinners, …

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Beauty essentials

IMG 1156 Beauty essentials

Beauty essentials !   Hey people, how have you been? I just got back from a quick two days visit …

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Makeup essentials

IMG 1158 e1440611056361 Makeup essentials

Makeup essentials   I admit, I am not much of a makeup person. In fact my elder sisters are always …

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