• Energy steam

    After the longest interval I am back. I was busy with many personal and professional projects. Moreover wasn’t motivated enough for the blog. However, I feel as the summer has officially set in, I have many ideas, DIYs, recipes and fun things to share. So here I am, back to where I belong. This year […]

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  • Orange blossom

    Do you like Orange? I love Orange juice, the fruit itself including the peels. Raised eyebrows? Well, I can explain. Orange peels are a great source for vitamin c, and in my family we have a secret recipe of mashed orange peels to be eaten with rice. Apart from this I like Orange peel for […]

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  • Day makeup tricks by Tilat

    I asked Tilat to give me 5 basic tricks for a day makeup. As day makeup can be tricky, the constant battle between looking great and keeping it low key is my greatest fear. Whenever I makeup for a day event I get puzzled. So here, our favorite Tilat Khayer gives us 5 basic tips […]

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  • Scarf it up

    Winter is technically here in Dhaka, it is November already. The official season for scarves, shawls and stoles is here finally. Though we Bengali women wear scarves or stoles everyday with Kurtis and we call it Dupatta or Orna. There are so many ways you can wear the scarves. Scarves add value and style to […]

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  • Rapunzel’s secret

    Yet another post starts with confession, I have only shoulder length hair that too not very thick. Though today I will be giving you one of the best beauty gems I found, for great hair. This post is also a request from my good friend Eva. I am very fond of herbal or natural remedies, […]

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  • Clean the brushes

    Cleaning makeup brushes is as boring as cleaning the face after a party is. I love putting make up, getting dressed but I dread cleaning the face when I come back home tired. As we clean the face no matter how tired we are, we must also clean the brushes because this might give us […]

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  • Beauty essentials

    Hey people, how have you been? I just got back from a quick two days visit to Kushtia. It was refreshing, fun filled trip and I met many new people too. I had traveled extensively and been to beautiful places. After coming back from the trip, I am just sleeping, having tons of tea and […]