A Tiny Best Friend

Photo credit Prerona Ahmed on Instagram A Tiny Best Friend

A Tiny Best Friend: It seemed like 17th July 2021 would be like any other day, when I had gone …

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Tagore’s Timelessness


Tagore’s Timelessness : A name we are all familiar with from our childhoods, from the songs on the radio to …

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Understanding Generation Z through a Gen Z


(Understanding Generation Z through a Gen Z : The feature photo has been taken from Internet, source: https://www.4dhumanbeing.com/how-gen-z-is-transforming-the-workplace/)   There …

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Immunity against virus

0518 healthy food GT Immunity against virus

The best way of preventing corona virus or any seasonal flu for that matter, is to boost your immune system. …

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The inheritance of loss

DSC 1734 The inheritance of loss

[ The inheritance of loss ] BANG!! I lost 25 kilograms in nine months, and I am proud of it. …

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