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  • Baker bloggers I love

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    [ Baker bloggers I love ] Few weeks back I posted a blog on my favourite lifestyle bloggers. This time I have my favourite baker bloggers list for you. These are the people who inspire me to quit my job, get into the kitchen and bake. They are talented, supportive and most of all inspiring. […]

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  • Definitely pretty

    SC2 Definitely pretty

    [ Definitely pretty ] In inspiration section today we have Saria Saguaro. Saguaro means cactus and she thinks her nick is accurately given. She is one of the best bakers in town, who has her own online cake studio The Flourist. I adore her cakes, especially as they are made of buttercream. Besides making beautiful […]

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  • My blogging inspiratons

    image 9 e1465581327949 My blogging inspiratons

    [ My blogging inspiratons ] One of my most favourite online indulgences is reading lifestyle blogs. I look at the beautiful pictures and get my inspirations for cooking, home making or DIY projects. It has been few years now that I spend my leisure time watching these pages. They are addictive, they are inspiring and […]

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  • T for Tilat

    index2 e1458138347595 T for Tilat

    [ T for Tilat ] I first came across to her name on the web. Her entire makeup line got me all interested as I always wanted a local makeup brand. I became so fascinated with her that I searched for her facebook page, bought lipstick and became a fangirl. I soon spoke to her […]

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  • Fairy-tale Anniversary

    IMG 1601 Fairy-tale Anniversary

    [ Fairy-tale Anniversary ] Today is my parents’ 39th wedding anniversary. I have been thinking a lot how to make their day memorable. My brother and I have been planning from small forest gate away to boat rides, dinner to family photo sessions and so many other things. We are still planning on the mode […]

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  • Finding Neverland

    IMG 0557 e1440488097478 Finding Neverland

    The ancient saying if there is a will there is a way, is a true saying. At least when I look at this rooftop urban farm I realize the meaning of the aforementioned saying. The inner farmer of a journalist couple has blossomed and turned their rooftop into Nederland very much inside the city. They […]

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  • Blue is the new red

    colour bubble e1440489149831 Blue is the new red

    Living blue is a high market brand, produces handmade natural dyed artisan products like quilts, scarfs, stoles etc. The factory is established in the north, where artisan lives in a beautiful village and work towards a sustainable economic growth for themselves and their families. This is a social business where the artisans own the company […]