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  • Pandemic pondering

    outbreak coronavirus world rocky mountain ms centre Pandemic pondering

      There is a strange rage in the air A strange kind of discomfort Silence, panic and breathing low The sun shines a little less today The wind blows little slow. The world is standing still, as if hanging by a moment. When I was very young, I once came across to an essay subject: […]

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  • Blast from past

    IMG 4295 e1466839692189 Blast from past

    [ Blast from past ] Today I will share a book and a teapot with you. Both I inherited from my grandparents.  It is a 1947 edition of Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam translated by Edward Fitzgerald. I managed the book from my grand father’s library. He had a big personal library stuffed with various kinds […]

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  • What is a weekend?

    rain e1440489091858 What is a weekend?

    Ahh.. the sweet smell of weekend is here… I have already started baking… How do you guys spend your weekends? I totally stay lethargic.. sticking around my bed, doing home spa, or spend quality time in the parlour. Weekends are precious and just around 8pm every weekend I feel like crying if I don’t spend […]