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  • Mother’s Day special

    mom 1 Mother's Day special

    [ Mother’s Day special ! ] Hello there… Hope all are okay… Today is mother’s day and I guess all are busy celebrating. Here is something very little I got for my mom. Ombre velvet cakes layered with mocha buttercream and covered in vanilla ombre buttercream. A simple rose on top with pearls scattered. Nothing […]

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  • That time of the year

    image 5 That time of the year

    [ That time of the year ] Yes this is April. When entire Bangladesh is dressed in white and red, gearing up for Pohela Boishakh, lots of food and fresh Beli phul aka Jasmine. Colourful fairs all around the country and people in a festive mood will make your heart swing in joy. I specially […]

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  • Stitched dreams…

    IMG 0708 Stitched dreams...

    [ Stitched dreams… ] Bangladesh is a tropical country, with a mild winter and humid summer. In the northern side, the winter is stronger than the rest of the country. The span of winter is also very little. Thus the use of heavy blankets is limited to only few days of the year. Rest of […]

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  • Durga Puja Festival

    IMG 1594 e1443802463969 Durga Puja Festival

    [ Durga Puja Festival ] I am a person who enjoys every festival that takes place on earth. In Bangladesh, we get to celebrate the Muslim and Hindu festivals more. Durga Puja Festival is something that makes me happy instantly. When I was young my maternal grandmother’s house used to be in old Dhaka, a […]

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  • Fine art of….

    IMG 0906 Fine art of....

    Adibasi is a term used for all the heterogeneous set of ethnic and tribal groups considered to be the indigenous population of Bangladesh. Adibashi people live mainly in the hill tracts of Chittagong belt also they live many other plain land areas of the country. There are about approx. 40 groups of Indigenous communities in […]

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  • Delicate Bakarkhani

    IMG 0514 e1440488954155 Delicate Bakarkhani

    Just like old Delhi old Dhaka too is bursting with traditional food items, ancient cultures and round the clock activity. Today we went on a random old Dhaka expedition in search of Bakarkhani. Bakarkhani is delicate small round flat bread that has biscuit like texture. It is a great companion of the great Shuta Kabab […]

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  • Le Halwa….

    5 e1440490852460 Le Halwa....

    Shab e Barat was certainly one of the fun days of my childhood. Eating endless varieties of Halwa, distributing among the entire neighborhood rich and poor and the fireworks are well kept in my memory. So many happy times, smiling faces and fondest of memories come back to me every year. The essence, the simplicity […]