Christmas tree

IMG 2188 Christmas tree

[ Christmas tree ]

The best part of Christmas is the colourful, bright and decorative Christmas tree. And I love to decorate Christmas tree, though in Dhaka it is extremely tough to find the right tree. As I was desperately looking for one last year, and couldn’t find a proper one, I thought of making it of paper instead. Green and red papers were cut into triangles and pasted on top of each other. I have multi coloured fairy lights that I have put on it, and used tape to stick it on.

Father and son enjoying Christmas in each other's warm hands. [ Christmas tree ]
Father and son enjoying Christmas in each other’s warm hands.
Used empty boxes, wrapped them and that completed my Christmas tree corner. Warm lights in the room actually made everything looked very Christmassy. It is lovely to have a Christmas tree corner, with wrapped gifts and boozy Christmas cake to go with it. And finally to top it off call your friends and begin the the holiday season with a big  party.

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Colourful paper christmas tree

A little decoration around the house also adds glamour. So how are you doing your Christmas tree?

[ Christmas tree ]