Darjeeling first flush

[ Darjeeling first flush ]

This time in Kolkata I went to buy tea. I was as confused as I am in a room full of cakes, what to chose. However with cake, I kind of know what I like, but in tea, it is impossible to chose unless you have a basic idea on tea and how it goes. Thanks to my “teaddict” brother I knew what to buy. I asked for Darjeeling first flush – oolong and Assam second flush black tea. The smell and the look and everything else of the teas were unique and different.

Darjeeling First Flush
Darjeeling First Flush

So what makes Darjeeling first flush a favorite? Well for more than one reason.

Darjeeling is a beautiful town under West Bengal, a place that stands against the Himalayan range. The hilly areas of Darjeeling produce about 1 percent of India’s total tea. Darjeeling is an exclusive tea producing region of India as well as the world. Darjeeling doesn’t produce in number perhaps, but in quality. Darjeeling teas are world famous for the smooth taste and fantastic aroma.

A bright tea [ Darjeeling first flush ]
A bright tea
On the other hand the First Flush means, the first leaves that is plucked during the spring harvest. First Flush Darjeeling teas are popular as they tend to be less oxidized and also has a more greenish hue compared to any black tea. Darjeeling first flush is so smooth and neat that to many tea connoisseurs it is considered as the “Champagne” of teas, and I agree.

light brown sugar to go with it. [ Darjeeling first flush ]
light brown sugar to go with it.
I took 2 tea spoons of teas and gave it in 2 cups boiling water, allowed to boil for 3/4 minutes and low medium heat. As it is not black tea hence, the colour won’t be deep. A light copper colour will come out. It is important to remember not to boil it for long, and then it might not be very smooth. Have it with honey or raw sugar or without any added sweetener, it would just fine.

I have this tea, usually early morning. It gives a great feeling, a great way to kick start a day.

A quiet morning tea, may be with a book. [ Darjeeling first flush ]
A quiet morning tea, may be with a book.
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[ Darjeeling first flush ]