DIY: Eid table decor

Eid table decor !


Grand table for Eid [ Eid table decor ]
Grand table for Eid
Eid Ul Adha is just around the corner. This time Eid will be in Sharat, thus I prefer to do a table along the autumn line. Bright colours on the table will instantly add glamour to the celebration. In these pictures Star Lifestyle Editor and Food Stylist Raffat Rashid styled an autumn table for the upcoming Eid ul Adha.

Bright lilies [ Eid table decor ]
Bright lilies
Using plants, flowers and colourful napkins always add great value to your dinner tables. Going along a theme or colour is also good as the decoration looks neat. A well decorated dinner table plays an important role to the environment of a meal just as the food. The table décor should be elegant, stylish yet comfortable.

Bold and beautiful
Bold and beautiful

Wishing everyone a great Eid and happy holidays!

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Syed

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