DIY: Eid wrapping idea


Hey all the beautiful people out there, all of you must be frantically shopping to find the right gift for your loved ones. To me a perfect gift is as important as wrapping it perfectly. Going by the simplicity route, I wrap my things with ribbons, dry flowers, leaves whatever goes with the gift and the theme. I have been wrapping for one of my grandson…. lol… no I am not a white haired 60 years old lady blogging here… he is my cousin’s grandson… While wrapping for him I looked around and got some lovely dry flower items in my pandora’s box. So, here I go…. Sticking the dry flower on a handmade paper was the hardest of all… but somehow managed it.


Last night I wrapped for my nephews with warm handmade printed papers and simple ribbons… that too can be an option for you… Happy Eid wrapping all of you…


Photo and styling: Author