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In recent days I am having troubles falling in sleep, I can’t sleep as easily as I used to even a year back. In younger days, I could sleep anywhere and everywhere. But now, once the usual bed time is missed, I have a hard time trying to pull my eye lids together. Many of us are also passing hard time falling in sleep like me. For the troubled sleepers, I have an aromatherapy recipe to share to help you do it easily. For every problem my first resort is my aromatherapy box. Especially if the trouble is related to headache, sleeplessness, fatigued or common cold, essential oil never fails me.

Master of the act
I use Lavender essential oil like there is no tomorrow. Lavender essential oil is famous for its healing properties, for calming senses and relaxing the mind. Bergamot and lemon is also great match when it comes to get you sound sleep. Lavender relaxes you, Bergamot soothes your mind, lemon adds freshness. Take three drops of each and inhale the vapor with hot water just before you hit the bed.

You can also fill your bath tub with warm water and use 5 drops each and soak for 10 minutes and gently pat dry your body, and mix 2 drops each with lotion and massage on the pressure points. This will calm your senses and give you a tight hug of comfort to help you fall asleep. If you have Ylang Ylang, then add few drops as well, this will not only help you to sleep better but will also help you to have a good dream.

Dream Catcher blend

Using essential oil can be tricky. Never use it directly on the skin, always dilute with water, oil or lotion. Inhaling is also a great way to get the very best of nature’s bounty. Make a blend and keep it handy, mixing everyday can be tiring. Whenever in need, put few drops and sleep like a sleeping beauty.

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