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Durga Puja Festival

[ Durga Puja Festival ]

I am a person who enjoys every festival that takes place on earth. In Bangladesh, we get to celebrate the Muslim and Hindu festivals more. Durga Puja Festival is something that makes me happy instantly. When I was young my maternal grandmother’s house used to be in old Dhaka, a place called Hatkhola. There was a school called Narishikkha Mandir just beside my cousin’s house. As the boundary wall was half broken we could always go to the school without any permission. Especially on Puja days we used to go and enjoy the festivities. Old Dhaka, in fact hosts a huge number of Pujas as it is predominantly resided by Hindus.

Durga with her children
For the last few years Puja is celebrated greatly in Banani and Kolabagan too, apart from other areas of the city. I just love the music, colours, and festivities, everything attached to it. Also the fact that Durga is a woman and people are worshiping her for strength is a great factor me.

Puja is never completed without the Bang!
Today is Mahalaya. It starts today and for next ten days there will be light, fire, music, colours, and sleepless nights in all the mondops. I have been attending puja for as long as I can remember. It gives me immense pleasure to celebrate and enjoy one of the biggest festivities of the land.

To please her mighty
Here are some pictures I collected just 15 days ahead of Mahalaya from Dhakeshwari Temple Old Dhaka. I believe in religious harmony, in sharing and celebrations. I hope this year’s puja brings all that it promises. Happy Durga Puja to you all, let the festivities begin.

The music and aarti
Photo: Author

[ Durga Puja Festival ]

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