Egyptian mint tea

For our honeymoon we went to Egypt. There was a roadside cafe near our hotel in Ciaro downtown. When we went there for an evening shisha session they offered us “egyptian tea”.  First I thought it will be something exotic, totally different from anything I have ever tasted. However, I admit I was little disappointed but I loved the freshness. I have had mint tea before several times. Thus, it wasn’t something very different, rather it was very known and very much favourtie. Since the first day, where ever we went, people insisted that we drink the beautiful Egyptian Mint Tea, and we obliged.

We have something similar in Dhaka too. We add ginger, lemon, and Tulsi with mint tea. But Egyptians don’t add ginger, many doesn’t add lemon too. The colour is deep. the taste is strong and very sweet. It refreshes instantly. I drank mint tea for the entire 10 days we stayed.  It comes in transparent little glasses with fresh mint leaves submerged at the bottom. It tasted heavenly when we paired it with Apple shisha on chilly Egyptian nights.

This Egyptian Mint Tea is said to be there since the pharaoh days. Mint tea is a hearty, refreshing, cooling and flavourful cup of goodness, that is sweet and leaves no bitter after taste. This is perfect for detox and cleansing.

I make my own version of Egyptian Mint Tea, which is slightly different from the original one.

Serves 2
500ml water
1 tbsp black tea
50g honey
50g fresh mint
2 slices lemon

1 Bring a large pan of water to a boil. Pour the boiling water in the teapot and put in the mint leaves. Let it steep for 3/4 minutes covered.

2 Then put the dry tea in a strainer and pour the mint water over in a transparent cup. I used floating strainer so the tea could soak for a while. Add the honey, lemon slice and some more mint leaves. Stir to dissolve the honey.

3. Drink.

I use lemon just to add a little more freshness, as the mint we get in Bangladesh, is not as menthol overloaded as it is in Egypt, or so I heard. Thus to bring that zing I add a lemon slice. The honey, lemon and mint together is a brilliant combo. This tea can brighten up a dull afternoon or a lonely morning. Drink mint tea when you are sad and when you are not.

Photo: Author.