Fairy-tale Anniversary

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[ Fairy-tale Anniversary ]

Today is my parents’ 39th wedding anniversary. I have been thinking a lot how to make their day memorable. My brother and I have been planning from small forest gate away to boat rides, dinner to family photo sessions and so many other things. We are still planning on the mode of celebration but just to make the day special I made my parents a fairy tale wedding cake and their favorite almond cookies. I paired it with a bouquet of flowers, something I know my picky father will love. When they got married no one used to have wedding cakes in Bangladesh. These days many weddings have cakes, thus I wanted to make them a wedding cake to celebrate their special day. Not an anniversary cake but a wedding cake, that I always dreamt of. I didn’t have a cake on my wedding either 🙂 so this cake is important to me in more than one way.

The wedding bouquet and cake for my favorite people. [ Fairy-tale Anniversary ]
The wedding dress bouquet and cake for my favorite people.
Baba is always very picky when it comes to flower bouquets. Whenever he needs to buy flowers he makes the bouquet in his own way. He instructs the florist to follow his ways and ideas. And every time he comes up with a beautiful one. Thus while ordering for them, I was nervous and yet followed the thumb rule, he likes green and white combination, so the cake and bouquet carried their favorite color theme.

Almond cookies blessed with cardamom sweetness.
Almond cookies blessed with cardamom sweetness.

There is nothing more precious than the smile you can bring on your parents’ face. Last night when we gave them their gifts they seemed to be flying over the moon with joy. And that’s the jewel I would like to wear. Sharing the pictures with you.

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[ Fairy-tale Anniversary ]