Rapunzel’s secret

Yet another post starts with confession, I have only shoulder length hair that too not very thick. Though today I will be giving you one of the best beauty gems I found, for great hair. This post is also a request from my good friend Eva. I am very fond of herbal or natural remedies, be it for hair or stomach. The best thing of using herbal remedy is, the side effect is actually negligible and you also get a pleasure of DIY projects.

Hair fall is a common problem all over the world. Due to the stress of ever challenging life, pollution and malnutrition we tend to lose hair. To have good hair the first thing we have to keep in mind is, try to stay stress free and eat healthy food that is beneficent for inside and outside of the body. Proper sleep, regular cleaning and a balanced diet is a prerequisite be it hair or skin. At times even after all that we lose hair. Losing hair can also happen due to genetic disorder and result of illness.

Oil soaked in heavenly fruits...
Oil soaked in heavenly fruits…

If you have sorted all of the above and still losing hair I can give you a recipe of a secret tonic that will prevent hair loss, help it grow strong and shiny and lastly re-growth. The recipe is very simple. Equal portion of almond oil, coconut oil and caster oil infused in hands full of amla, shikakai, bohera and methi will do you wonder that you have never imagined.

Just take enough oil so that you can use it for a month. Bring the oils to boiling temperature; allow cooling for roughly 5 minutes and put in the crushed dry herbs and spices.  This oil mixture needs to infuse over night. Don’t get tempted to heat the oil with the spices for more benefit, this till burn the oil and the spices which then will be of no use. In the morning strain and bottle it. Use it 3 times a week and use the best quality real oils for the best result.

I hope you will be using this tonic in your hair and give me feedback. Shine on you crazy diamond…

Secret hair tonic
Secret hair tonic

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