Finding Neverland

IMG 0557 e1440488097478 Finding Neverland
Yes, this is a rooftop garden.
Yes, this is a rooftop garden.

The ancient saying if there is a will there is a way, is a true saying. At least when I look at this rooftop urban farm I realize the meaning of the aforementioned saying. The inner farmer of a journalist couple has blossomed and turned their rooftop into Nederland very much inside the city. They grow some of the vegetable they eat, grow a wide range of flowers, adopted 3 dogs and have hundreds of pigeons. Today, we shall go in search of their Neverland.


Fresh vegetable from the garden.


O mambo!
O mambo!

Their rooftop is truly a blessing, and a little piece of paradise in their lives. I won’t make you read a lot in this post, but will leave you with few images of their rooftop garden. I believe, you will love each and every image and will be inspired too. No matter how little garden space you have, use it, and grow whatever you want, but grow some greens. Everyone needs green. I thank Sharier Khan and Raffat Rashid for letting me inside and publishing their garden pictures.

Photo: Raffat Binte Rashid


It is actually a two storied rooftop garden.
Seems like Italian countryside…
Can you believe it?
What's in a name!
What’s in a name!