Immunity against virus

The best way of preventing corona virus or any seasonal flu for that matter, is to boost your immune system. You will not get a robust immune system only from food, this is a lifestyle that people need to practice. A cycle of good food habit, good routine and exercise can only benefit you in boosting immune system. I here try to follow the nature, the natural clock, as in the night is to sleep, the mornings and noons are to work and evenings are to rest and chill. In between add elements like a blend of good spices, tea, exercise to make a good plan not only for the day but for the better you. Following are five steps that helps you to have a supportive and healthy immune system:

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Garlic and Ginger
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  • Early to bed and early to rise: our lifestyle and habits doesn’t allow us to sleep early. We have late night TV shows to catch up with, party and dinners to attend and even if we hit the bed early to be on the phone scrolling down endlessly through our facebook and Instagram posts. Waking up early in the morning is always benefiting. I have seen, whenever, I practice early to bed and early to rise, I automatically go into a better health without much effort.
  • Morning ritual: Start of the morning with 500 ml of warm water, 1 gm of fresh peeled turmeric root, 2 cloves of roasted garlic and ½ teaspoon of nigella seeds. Sounds a hand full of things, but if you make a morning corner in the kitchen, and keep everything together, you will find all these easy to follow. The warm water will help cleanse your gut and make you feel lighter also helps in losing weight. Turmeric has active compound called curcumin. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may also help improve overall immune system. Garlic may smell lousy, but 2 roasted garlics will not only keep the Dracula away from you but will benefit your immune system and effectively improve health of the heart. Lastly Nigella seed is known as the wonder spice. It protects sugar level, safeguards heart and lever, lower cholesterol level and packed with antioxidants.
  • Balanced diet: Have a balanced protein loaded diet. Yogurt, milk, honey, lemon, ginger, eggs, seasonal vegetable, multi coloured fruits should be incorporated in your diet. A ginger, honey and lemon tea can refresh and give your body the required vitamin C for the day. Yogurt is excellent for digestive system and aids longevity. More protein is merrier as it gives energy. Healthy carbs, as in multigrain flour, brown rice, low GI rice all are good source of good carbs you need.
  • Exercise: everyday indulge yourself in a daily 40 minutes exercise regime. Yoga, gym or walking in the neighborhood anything is on. Find what is best for you and keep it going. Regularity is the key here. Be active, count the steps, minimum 8,000 steps are very much needed for a day.
  • Be positive: positivity is a key for a healthy living. A positive approach towards life is essential in keep that wheel of good health moving. Good mood, good energy is associated with a good health. Healthy mental health is essential for a healthy body.
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Meditation calms the mind and heals the soul.
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It is very important to work on every organ of the body, cleansing, giving nutrition and being active. Once you practice a healthy routine everything else will fall into places. Hope you are safe, staying home and trying to build up good habits, working on your hobby and just hanging in there.

Stay home, stay safe.