Makeup essentials

Makeup essentials


Night time makeup kit [ Makeup essentials ]
Night time makeup kit
I admit, I am not much of a makeup person. In fact my elder sisters are always after me as I stay bland and dull with an easy to do knot in the hair and no makeup at all. Therefore I am not here to give makeup advice. I am here to tell you, especially to my kind of people what can be the basic to look neat on a date night or on an official dinner. Being married and all, I don’t need to think of date night now, bliss. But I do need to think of official dinners, weddings (I am talking about big fat sub-continental weddings) and other big & small parties.

When I wear a saree, I literally don’t bother much. A nice cotton with a bindi on the forehead a nude lipstick and a black eye liner does it all for me, be it night or day. But on special occasions I do need to dress up a little bit more than usual. Thus the topic of the entire makeup fiasco comes up.

Bronzer from The Body Shop
Bronzer from The Body Shop

I am a big fan of bodyshop, MAC, Estee Lauders and Loreal. And I always mix and match the makeup from all these brands. I have oily skin. Thus I prefer dry makeups a lot. Like I always use a translucent powder. Estee Lauders loose powder is a brilliant makeup magic for my kinds person and skin. It covers the face nicely without much hassle, perfect for a day time use. During the day, as I don’t go out in the sun I don’t use sunscreen, a crime I know but for my oily skin nothing suits at all. Then a touch up in the eye with MAC eye pencil and I am ready. At times I put on lipstick of any nude based colour. I never used anything but nude on the lips. I am not comfortable with any other colour.

Day time basics [ Makeup essentials ]
Day time basics
At night time, I recently started using primer. Prestige’s Primed and ready is a good buy I would say. It totally works fine for me. Not a very high profile brand here but that was what I got in local store. After the primer I use bodyshop oil free balancing foundation then contouring. Sleek’s powder contouring is another good buy I would say. Finally i even out the entire makeup with Estee Lauder loose powder. For eyes I have bodyshop’s entire shadow range, a dutiful sister sent me all that from UK. I go by the colour tone I wear. Mac eye pencil, MAC mascara and eyes are done.

For cheeks, bodyshop’s blush on bronze is something I love. I have been using for a long time now. Lastly I again use nude lipstick. I love body shop’s truely madly deeply colour crush shine lipstick. And I am ready. For any day, any occasion big that is my self-made makeup regime. I have learnt a great deal from online makeup artist Teni Panosian. I find her makeup tutorials really easy to follow and doable. I learnt contouring and eye makeup from her a great deal.

U part wigs [ Makeup essentials ]
contouring kit from sleek
Lastly, this is a makeup post from someone who is least interested, adventurous and creative when it comes to makeup. I always prefer to stick to basic and enough to make me presentable. I hate over do when it comes to face and fashion. These are the things that is better when it is done in moderation and depends on how much can you carry. I don’t feel shy at all to say, I do get compliments when I take a little effort to make me look nicer. So all of you, who dislike makeup like me, yet compelled to do it at times, can stick around, to basics that suit your skin and face. For the final touch wear your courage, intelligence and smartness properly. That will take you a long way.

As weekend is approaching, I bet you guys are planning for some hangouts, dinners or parties. Why not hit the floor with some good make up and a great perfume. For me, it is Burberry all the way.

That is my ultimate makeup [ Makeup essentials ]
That is my ultimate makeup

[ Makeup essentials ]