My blogging inspiratons

[ My blogging inspiratons ]

One of my most favourite online indulgences is reading lifestyle blogs. I look at the beautiful pictures and get my inspirations for cooking, home making or DIY projects. It has been few years now that I spend my leisure time watching these pages. They are addictive, they are inspiring and above all they are brilliant. Today I am writing about my top 5 sites. These five bloggers are basically main inspirations for Bangla Hues.

When I looked at their pages, I realised, resources were limited for me, as country and contexts are different. Hence I started my own blog, focusing on my own people and culture. Still whenever I have time, I sit down with a cup of tea and spend hours reading their pages and pinning my inspirations. All these bloggers are lifestyle bloggers. I also have 5 food bloggers that I completely love. I will do a post on them sometime soon. Till then here is my list of role model lifestyle bloggers.

  1. 79

79 ideas [ My blogging inspiratons ]
79 ideas
Rodestina is the girl behind the blog. She is Bulgarian currently living in the USA. I have one thing common with her; we are both from history background. She has a beautiful eye for photography. Her pictures are fresh, soothing for eyes and very clear. Her photos are mostly white based and captures the essence or the story very aptly. Her blog is pretty much what I like a lifestyle blog to be. Little bit of everything blended together in a nice packaging.

  1. Decor 8

Decor 8 [ My blogging inspiratons ]
Decor 8
Whatever I write on Holy Becker will be less. Charming Holy Backer is one of my favourite girls in the blogging world. She made blogging easy for so many of us. She is a journalist, blogger, interior stylist and author. I have seen her book and it is outstanding. I have been following her for last 6 years or more and never got tired. Her was the first blog I ever followed.

  1. Design*sponge

Design Sponge [ My blogging inspiratons ]
Design Sponge
Main person behind the blog is Grance Bonney. They cover a great deal of issues from apartment or home decorating to DIY, beauty, food, travel and business. There are many people writing for them regularly in various columns. It is almost like a magazine now. I just love to look at the page. There are so many things to read and get inspired from in her blog that you will get tired but posts won’t end. My favourite is sneak-peak, before and after, last but not the least life and business. You can never get enough of the page.

  1. Cupcake and cashmere

Cupcake and cashmere [ My blogging inspiratons ]
Cupcake and cashmere
Emily Schuman living in Los Angeles is the main person of the blog. She has a team of creative people who now helps her with the blog. Cupcake and cashmere covers food, styling, beauty and DIY. She has recently launched her own clothing line. She is young, smart and versatile. I really enjoy her posts a lot.

  1. Apple turnover

Apple Turnover [ My blogging inspiratons ]
Apple Turnover
May be very little known but she is one brilliant person. I am a big big fan and love the simplicity of her life and living. She uses old school tools and techniques for a much simpler and hasslefree life. Gardening, making own clothes, growing own food is what her blog is all about. Inspired by her I tried to make many things at home and also enjoy huge gratification like her in the process. She is brilliant and beautiful inside out.

Those who just got to know of them now, be careful, be very careful as I have ruined your leisure, now you will be hooked on these girls. Happy blogging to all of us.

Photo: webshots in iPhone.

[ My blogging inspiratons ]