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    Tahmid Islam Tackling Personal Style 3 Defining individual style

    Defining individual style : Fashion is a major aspect of an  individual’s personality. One can use their outward appearance to express oneself, for example  darker shades for when they feel gloomy and lighter shades for when they feel cheerful.  Although, for some individuals, how they dress might not be a big deal, but for others […]

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  • Understanding Generation Z through a Gen Z


    (Understanding Generation Z through a Gen Z : The feature photo has been taken from Internet, source: https://www.4dhumanbeing.com/how-gen-z-is-transforming-the-workplace/)   There are several things that define today’s generation of teenagers to young adults, but how  are the youth of this country figuring out their life as they go through a significant historical  event and its major […]