Peace, love and happiness

[ Peace, love and happiness]

Blissful and calm [ Peace, love and happiness ]
Blissful and calm
I may not be a very religious person but I am a spiritual person. I prefer to meditate, do yoga and have small rituals that helps my mind to be calm and feel peaceful inside and out. Spirituality is not a belief but it is a lifestyle. We have to liberate our mind and be aware of all the happenings around us. Spirituality is our inner voice, it helps us to see through things better. 

I live in a small apartment and it is not possible for me to have a room to myself for my spiritual activities. However I have organized a small place in my bedroom with few of my favorite things to create a space where I can meditate. It is a peaceful zone where I can listen to my soul and get the answers from within..

Sacred corners can be created anywhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be big, colorful or stuffed with expensive things. It should contain things that makes you happy and calm. There is also no rule to a sacred space. Create your own space exactly the you want it to be.  Best way is to listen to the heart and put in everything that you love.

Quietly gently [ Peace, love and happiness ]
Quietly gently
In my little corner I have various things I collected from different lands, which are related to meditation and good omen. I can’t do meditation or practice spirituality everyday. But whenever I do, I feel relaxed and calm. I play nice tunes that helps me meditate better, my favourite tune is the whole album of Tibetan incantations. Aromatherapy incense sticks keep the room enchanting and happy. My bedroom has enough natural light, which is again a plus point.

Spirituality is essential for the home. Our modern life is a constant fight between keeping good grades, keeping deadlines, make other people happy. In this constant fight it is very important to feel quiet and calm. It is important to feel content and happy. It is important to understand what really matters in life. I feel I am blessed in many ways. I have three healthy meals a day, a peaceful home and a loving family. I feel privileged to be cared for, to take care of loved ones, to be able to love, hug and feel wanted. Spirituality only helps to increase contentment.

 May peace, love and happiness grow in our hearts.

[ Peace, love and happiness ]