Spaghetti with crab meat

Spaghetti with crab meat

Spaghetti with crab meat

Just got some crab meat from market today. I am dying for some crab linguine, however as I don’t have linguine I will substitute it with some simple spaghetti. I have my version for it, I usually don’t go by rules when I cook. I cook what tastes good to me.

You can get crabs in almost all super stores. Some keep washed clean crabs; some even keep just crab meats. I got one of those crab meat ones. For cooking I use my chili oil. My olive oil is infused in some real hot red chilies. Beside these keep some garlic, black pepper, oregano handy. As we only get dried herbs here, so dried oregano it is. I love herbs. I can practically eat any herb with anything. Here parsley is also a good option. Finally get some lemon for the final squeeze.

This takes literally 20 minutes from skillet to stomach. The main thing about this dish in the freshness of your crab. If your crab meat is old, that has been in your freezer forever, this might not taste as good as I promise. However a fresh crab meat will make it the process very tiresome. If you still want to prepare from scratch, take enough crabs to have 250gms of meat. Boil the crabs with little water and get the meat out. But don’t boil for too long, and remember to dry up all the water from boiling or else the flavour will go to the drain with the water.


I am preparing spaghetti for two people, so taking one-third of the packet and boil to packet instruction. Strain and set aside. Keep one cup of the water, as it contains starch and helps the spaghetti to bind with the meat.

On a skillet, take 40gm olive oil make it hot, give in roughly chopped garlic and wait till it gets golden, add the crab meats and fry for few minutes. Throw in the spaghetti, black pepper, salt and oregano then toss. Add the starch water and keep on medium heat for few minutes till entire thing looks cooked. Squeeze some lemon juice and eat immediately.  Use some mint leaves on top on your serving dish.

This is yum!

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