Energy steam

IMG 1993 e1495869510312 Energy steam

[ Energy steam ] After the longest interval I am back. I was busy with many personal and professional projects. …

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T for Tilat

index2 e1458138347595 T for Tilat

[ T for Tilat ] I first came across to her name on the web. Her entire makeup line got …

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Kiss me please!

ls 4 Kiss me please!

[ Kiss me please! ] There are few things that I hate, yes, hate, having chapped lips is one of …

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Rapunzel’s secret

IMG 0677 e1447003854516 Rapunzel's secret

[ Rapunzel’s secret ] Yet another post starts with confession, I have only shoulder length hair that too not very …

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Green hues

IMG 0664 e1440487855431 Green hues

The best quality glass in the world are the Belgian glasses as I have always heard. Clear, dot less, scratch …

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