Baker bloggers I love

D4C8BC09 275D 4C52 A1FF 77258B871059 e1477135328216 Baker bloggers I love

[ Baker bloggers I love ] Few weeks back I posted a blog on my favourite lifestyle bloggers. This time …

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Definitely pretty

SC2 e1466070941399 Definitely pretty

[ Definitely pretty ] In inspiration section today we have Saria Saguaro. Saguaro means cactus and she thinks her nick …

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A slice of ovaltine

Ovaltine cake pic e1465311688246 A slice of ovaltine

[ A slice of ovaltine ] I have realized, I can’t live without cake. I thrive on cake, be it …

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Fairy-tale Anniversary

IMG 1601 Fairy-tale Anniversary

[ Fairy-tale Anniversary ] Today is my parents’ 39th wedding anniversary. I have been thinking a lot how to make …

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