• Aromatherapy Alchemy
  • Fighting the cold

    Winter is almost here. Minor cold and flu relating to season change will make your life miserable. It is always better to stay safe, however if you get cold you always have a way out. Aromatherapy works wonder in opening stuffy nose. If you have cold or runny stuffy nose take help from your aromatherapy […]

  • Styling
  • A fresh look

    I was meaning to revamp my bedroom look for the last few months. Suddenly last week, being little whimsical as I always am, got new bedroom accessories and redecorated the bedroom. As Eid is just around the corner, I thought of get the ball rolling. Few months back I bought a second hand antique dressing […]

  • Recipe notebook
  • A slice of ovaltine

    I have realized, I can’t live without cake. I thrive on cake, be it baking or eating it. I am addicted to the warm smell of freshly baked cake. I started baking because I love to eat cake. Now, as it is my business, i get to eat less and bake more. However, if I […]

  • Recipe notebook
  • Yogurt in a cup

    I have always loved yogurt, and of course the sweet one, preferably bought from my favourite sweet shop. The creamy, thick sweet and little tangy flavour was my staple, that I regularly took with Chira or pressed rice. My mom always make yogurt in home. Every night she sets her milk in a left over […]

  • Mirror mirror
  • Beauty essentials

    Hey people, how have you been? I just got back from a quick two days visit to Kushtia. It was refreshing, fun filled trip and I met many new people too. I had traveled extensively and been to beautiful places. After coming back from the trip, I am just sleeping, having tons of tea and […]

  • Contemplation
  • What is a weekend?

    Ahh.. the sweet smell of weekend is here… I have already started baking… How do you guys spend your weekends? I totally stay lethargic.. sticking around my bed, doing home spa, or spend quality time in the parlour. Weekends are precious and just around 8pm every weekend I feel like crying if I don’t spend […]