Fighting the cold

header pic Fighting the cold

[ Fighting the cold] Winter is almost here. Minor cold and flu relating to season change will make your life …

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A slice of ovaltine

Ovaltine cake pic e1465311688246 A slice of ovaltine

[ A slice of ovaltine ] I have realized, I can’t live without cake. I thrive on cake, be it …

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Yogurt in a cup

IMG 0384 e1445310938421 Yogurt in a cup

[ Yogurt in a cup ] I have always loved yogurt, and of course the sweet one, preferably bought from …

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Beauty essentials

IMG 1156 Beauty essentials

Beauty essentials !   Hey people, how have you been? I just got back from a quick two days visit …

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What is a weekend?

rain e1440489091858 What is a weekend?

Ahh.. the sweet smell of weekend is here… I have already started baking… How do you guys spend your weekends? …

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