Tea Ceremony: Green Tea Mojito

It was crazy hot, so wanted to have something cold. It had to be a tea, pre-requisite. Thus thought about an ice-tea first, and then did a twist to the drink in my own way. Green Tea Mojito. It is an inspired tea from one of my web discoveries, but I totally forgot to keep the link. I infused a green tea from KK, I like their orthodox green tea, it is soothing and refreshing as well. Kazi and Kazi Green Tea is the country’s first organic substantially produced green tea. This green tea is collected from their biggest tea garden in Tetulia (North Bangladesh). It comes in tea bags and also in 100 gm, eco friendly jute tea bags.

After infusing the tea, I let it rest for a while till it cools down, then refrigerated for few hours till it was cold. After 2 hours, i took a shaker, then with half cup tea, added 2 table spoon lemon juice, crushed few mint leaves, 2 tea spoon honey, and handful of ice and topped with bitter lemon soda water. Trust me; you can have gallons of that. It refreshes you, heals you and is also a great healthy drink.

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Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/86412886570528613/

Tea is a versatile drink. You need to know tea well to taste tea in various forms. I just wish everyone in this planet chose tea over any drink. The earth would have been a better place.

Green Tea Mojito Recipe:

1/2 cup green tea strained and chilled

2 table spoon lemon juice

2 tea spoon honey

Few mint leaves

Bitter lemon or any other soda



Put everything (not the soda) together and give a good shake. Top it with Soda and have it instantly.