Tea Ceremony: Hibiscus and green tea fusion

It is time for tea. I don’t know about you but I wait all week for Friday. These days I wait for weekend, for more than one reason. Of course one is, it is my only day off in the entire week. Another is for the tea ceremony. I love the time I spend on Friday morning with my brother making tea. My brother aka tea connoisseur Mishael got down around 11 am and we began.

Did I tell you that I bought this new whistle kettle only for our tea ceremony? I love the new one litre capacity water boiler I got all the way from UK. This was on my list for a long time finally got it.

However getting back to tea, today we infused some great green tea my brother got from one of his Japanese buyer. The thing came in as a gift, and written in Japanese so, we actually don’t know anything more than this. And Mishael got the Hibiscus from a tea store in Santa Fe.

Hibiscus green tea
Image source: Hibiscus green tea tea – kart (Internet)

I was initially very confused about the mix. However I have faith in our in-house tea expert, thus went on with his special blend. After he got the hot water, he let it rest for few minutes as the green tea and hibiscus doesn’t need boiling hot water. Rather hot but not boiling water is perfect for the blend. He gave the teas and added the water and let it rest for 4 whole minutes. As we were having hibiscus, it needs a bit longer to infuse and give out all the red it stores inside its heart.

After 4 long minutes we poured the beautiful luscious red tea to our cups. Its about time, that I admit, I kind of dislike hibiscus. I find the tea too sour for my taste. On the other hand, he loves it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as sour as I was expecting. The sour kick was there but the green tea has added extra flavour. For me the green tea did the trick, the sourness was mild. Liked the fushion tea we made today. Till now I have more or less liked all his blends. Looking forward to our next session. He always keeps it a secret for me. I find out on the day, what tea we are going to have. Our Friday tea session ended with that. Hope the weekend is going great for you guys, mine is superb.

Hibiscus green tea
Image source: http://www.tea-kart.com/product/hibiscus-green-tea/