The art of making butter…

Fresh Ivory Butter
Fresh Ivory Butter

Hi folks… today we shall talk about making butter. If I could I would have become totally organic. However living in Dhaka doesn’t let me be so. Hence, I make homemade items as much as I can. In the process I make certain things at home that is healthy and also makes me happy doing it. So, let’s make some butter.

You need fresh double cream to make butter. Double cream in simple bangla is “Dudher Shor”. You can buy a good quality cream and beat it till it forms butter or like me collect the cream for whole one month and churn like old days. I collect fresh milk from a good trust-worthy source. The milk is indeed very fresh and full cream. I boil it twice and collect the thick cream it forms when it cools down. For a month I collect the cream.

Fresh mint leaves plucked from my balcony kitchen garden.

I don’t have the patience to churn, thus use hand whisk, it makes a great butter anyways. So, put the cream in a bowl, preferably stainless steel and put the bowl in a plastic bowl full of ice and ice cold water. So that it will help the butter to stick together faster. As you beat you will see the cream is changing its consistency and slowly after a good 20 to 25 minutes of whisking you get the butter. Put the butter in fresh ice cold water and wash the butter till you have clear water. And the milk type substance that you will have from the butter is called buttermilk. Keep it to make luscious red velvet or rich chocolate cake or even scones.

Garlic, salt, mint and corriander leaves




You have your butter ready. Now you can mix salt, mined garlic, mint, coriander to change butter to various flavours to your taste. You can add paprika or harissa too.You don’t need to live in the wilderness to do all these, a little bit of effort is all you need.



Photo and Styling: Aziza Ahmed