Wardrobe makeover

Wardrobe makeover : I usually wear kurti from Westside, (an Indian store) everyday. I wear it to work, to dinners, malls, hangouts and everywhere else I go. Lose, comfortable cotton wear is basically what I choose to wear. I have been repeating the same kind of clothes for the last 13 years, non-stop. I am tired. I am tired of looking dull and same for over and over again. I am fat, which is another reason that I stick to my trusted kurtis.

However few days back, I while I was getting ready for office I took out one of my usual kurti. Took out a comparatively new one, as I had a dinner to attend too, later that night. When I went to the dinner, I felt I am the one who looks most dull and all over the place. And for the first time in 13 years realized I needed a break from my wardrobe, from my kurtis, from the same old fashion. I became typed. I wanted to break free and look different.

Yellow chiffon top [ wardrobe makeover ]
Yellow chiffon top
When I was younger I used to be a tomboy and always wore t-shirts and jeans. Lately as I became overweight if not obese, I stopped wearing jeans, as I couldn’t match any top to go with it. Actually I am not much of an explorer in clothes. I just pick up something easy and thats all. Hence I wanted to rebuild my wardrobe. I wished to include new cuts, materials, styles and colours. I wish to wear more pants, not only jeans but semi formal or even palazzo.

Then I went to Armadio. My good friend Farheen and her husband have recently opened a new fashion house that offers good western clothes. I actually went to Farheen and begged for her assistance to rebuild my wardrobe. I loved all their collection. They have brilliant clothes, which is not only stylish but also extremely budget friendly.

Maroon halter top with maroon shrug [ wardrobe makeover ]
Maroon halter top with maroon shrug
I quickly picked 3 tops to wear with jeans and ordered a semi formal pant. This was kind of a dream came true. Farheen with patience showed me all her collection, my friend Nafisa and I tried them all and was totally satisfied. I have also commissioned Farheen to become my personal style advisor. The 3 tops that I got are all semi formal to formal. One is a long yellow chiffon top with a creative V neck.

It complements my curves. Second one is chiffon green and blue polka dotted top with a cute tie neck that I love. This top is very cute and also somewhat formal. The third was is a maroon printed halter neck top comes with a maroon shrug. This is a party wear. These tops doesn’t make me look extra fat, helps me to camouflage and also very stylish.

What I love most about the tops is they are at the same time very western but respects local sentiment. They have a great cleavage control mechanism and at the same time very modern. I don’t even feel fat when I wear them, don’t need to be extra cautious . I am very thrilled and thinking of getting some more from Armadio very soon. Thanks a ton Farheen.

Green and blue polka chiffon top [ wardrobe makeover ]
Green and blue polka chiffon top
Photo: Farhana Fabin


[ Wardrobe makeover ]

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