What is a weekend?

On a lonely afternoon, a park lazy cycle, with a bucket full of prettiness. Just what weekends should be...
On a lonely afternoon, a lazy cycle parked near a bucket full of prettiness. Just what weekends should be…

Ahh.. the sweet smell of weekend is here… I have already started baking… How do you guys spend your weekends? I totally stay lethargic.. sticking around my bed, doing home spa, or spend quality time in the parlour. Weekends are precious and just around 8pm every weekend I feel like crying if I don’t spend it wisely. After a week of deadlines, traffic jams, meetings and brain storiming give your brain some rest on weekends.

Why not put your mobiles and laptops off and switch on some great music all through the day. Take off your eye from the screen for a day and give your eyes some rest. Start the morning with meditation or yoga. Sipping light tea in the balcony may be. But from the moment you open your eyes, try to relax, take everything slow and light. Don’t rush doing anything.

Cook. I do. I bake cookies usually on weekends if I don’t have orders. Cookies creates a warm feeling around the house. The smell of vanilla is enchanting and theraputic. Cook for your family a great dish, think of a sit down family dinner, accompany your dinner with a great drink, made of fresh fruit juices and soda. Or go out for a qucik dinner, call for a pizza. Eat something you love.

Spend the morning cleaning your house, noon cleaning yourself, have a long bath. Do a spa yourself or get someone to do a massage. Do your weekly beauty chores. Looking good means feeling good….. and have a light nap in the afternoon. This will leave fresh and energetic.

If you happen to live near a park have an evening stroll with your babies. Play with them in the park or read books to them. Make this a ritual. The more good people go to the park, the better culture it will grow. Your kids can draw in the park. In fact you can draw too. These days you can find colouring books for us grown ups. Why not colour a page or two. This will make your soul happy and your weeks happier.

Basically involve in things that makes you happy. Ditch your watch for the day, just go by impulses. You deserve this much. Happy Weekend folks.