That time of the year

[ That time of the year ]

Yes this is April. When entire Bangladesh is dressed in white and red, gearing up for Pohela Boishakh, lots of food and fresh Beli phul aka Jasmine. Colourful fairs all around the country and people in a festive mood will make your heart swing in joy. I specially love Dhaka Art College around this time. I smell the festivity in the air. Students, teachers and visitors are busy making, selling and buying arts and crafts.

Busy bees [ That time of the year ]
Busy bees
My staple thing to do is, have a round of Art College, around evening just to feel the warmth of our culture. I love to see people buying their Bangla New Year clothes, planning lunch and dinners and celebrating to our heart’s content.

Paper bird [ That time of the year ]
Paper bird
This is a beautiful time. A time filled with warmth, positive thoughts and colours to brighten up our days. Why not visit the art college and collect paintings or clay pots designed by aspiring and established artists and contribute in the biggest festival of Bengali culture.

Making of masks [ That time of the year ]
Making of masks
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[ That time of the year ]