Sleep sleep go away

[ Sleep sleep go away ]

In our last aromatherapy post I have given a recipe for having a good night sleep. Being very contrary this time, today I have a recipe to feel energized. There are times, when cold water splashes don’t work, warm shower don’t work, even coffee don’t work. For that kind of a day try this recipe.

My son wakes up very early every morning. By the time, I am back home for his homework, he feels all sleepy and tired. So I use a mixture of peppermint and orange to give total energy to his room and keep him active.

sleep sleep go away

In a diffuser, put water, add 10 drops of each and keep it around the corner. Soon the room will have a fresh feeling and people will feel active. I have tried it for many other occasions in many other ways. When I have to start the day early and have long schedules, I use few drops of both in the shower with warm water. Then mix few drops again with my lotion and work around the pressure points. It instantly gives me energy.

Aromatherapy is my best friend, when nothing works for me this surely does. So if you need to boost energy in your day, infuse some peppermint & orange and breathe fresh.

Positive energy [ sleep sleep go away ]
Positive energy

[ Sleep sleep go away ]