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  • Monsoon kissed white flowers

    IMG 0053 e1440490014748 Monsoon kissed white flowers

    White flowers on the bloom Opening the tender petals, Slowly gently In my night garden. Early morning chirping birds Will sing song of glory To white flowers on the bloom.. Slowly gently.       My garden has been kissed by rain and blooming beautifully. Each morning I go there and discover a new flower. […]

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  • Udyog 2.0

    gach Udyog 2.0

      What does a group of creative young female entrepreneur do? They boldly join together and exhibit great work. I know few of such highly aspiring young creative female entrepreneurs. They have joined together with their creations for the upcoming Eid. Collectively they have formed Udyog 2.0 Udyog is a platform, where young creative female […]