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  • Beat the heat

    IMG 2053 Beat the heat

    [ Beat the heat ] I called my friends over for a dinner before Ramzan (Ramadan). Due to the heat everyone wanted easy cool food. I made some salads, which will be featured in Bangla Hues pretty soon. But today, I will give you the Strawberry ice-cream recipe, I did for them. Well, you can […]

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  • Steaming goodness

    IMG 0016 Steaming goodness

    [ Steaming goodness ] Two years back, during my sons’s activity project I had to learn making Bhapa Pitha. For a strange reason I always thought making Pitha (Bangladeshi desserts) is tough. Now that I can make an entire cake and decorate it too, I know making pitha can be tiresome but never impossible. Hence […]

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  • Spring alert!

    IMG 2898 Spring alert!

    [ Spring alert! ] Hi guys, I have been awfully busy with too many things. Have been out of touch for more than a month. I was missing being on the blog. When I started the blog last year, spring was over so was strawberries from the market. Since then I was waiting for strawberries […]

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  • Yogurt in a cup

    IMG 0384 e1445310938421 Yogurt in a cup

    [ Yogurt in a cup ] I have always loved yogurt, and of course the sweet one, preferably bought from my favourite sweet shop. The creamy, thick sweet and little tangy flavour was my staple, that I regularly took with Chira or pressed rice. My mom always make yogurt in home. Every night she sets […]