• Energy steam

    IMG 1993 e1495869510312 Energy steam

    [ Energy steam ] After the longest interval I am back. I was busy with many personal and professional projects. Moreover wasn’t motivated enough for the blog. However, I feel as the summer has officially set in, I have many ideas, DIYs, recipes and fun things to share. So here I am, back to where […]

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  • Kiss me please!

    ls 4 Kiss me please!

    [ Kiss me please! ] There are few things that I hate, yes, hate, having chapped lips is one of them. It is that time of the year when your lips will hurt; crack and putting lipstick will be difficult, only if you don’t take care. At times putting lip gels are not enough. Scrubbing […]

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  • Dry flowers

    IMG 2000 Dry flowers

    [ Dry flowers ] If I could I would decorate my home with fresh flowers everyday. The fragrance, the freshness and the colours of a fresh flower is a source of instant happiness around the house. Unfortunately in my everyday commute, I don’t have any flower shop, I have to go out of my way […]

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  • Christmas tree

    IMG 2188 Christmas tree

    [ Christmas tree ] The best part of Christmas is the colourful, bright and decorative Christmas tree. And I love to decorate Christmas tree, though in Dhaka it is extremely tough to find the right tree. As I was desperately looking for one last year, and couldn’t find a proper one, I thought of making […]

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  • Shelf gardening

    IMG 9919 e1444736370887 Shelf gardening

    [ Shelf gardening ] Have you noticed, how these days the urban balcony gardens are growing vertically? In the limited space of the urban apartment buildings, vertical or shelf gardening is a great way to display your tubs. This gives you enough resources to work on your creativity and also let you use the small […]

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  • Kids room DIY

    IMG 0846 e1440487256736 Kids room DIY

    When I was a kid I always wanted to have a room of my own. As we lived in a family home together with 30 other people, having a room to oneself was a dream. However like every mother on earth as a mother now, I have decorated my son’s room with the same enthusiasm […]

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  • Work Station

    DSC 2433 e1440488240635 Work Station

      Work station is an extremely important area, for home office doers and also for people like me, who needs to do a lot of random things, to keep busy. I love my desk. I have made it very recently. I didn’t have a proper working zone till last month. Then one morning I just […]

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  • DIY: Eid wrapping idea

    DSC 2393 e1440490083281 DIY: Eid wrapping idea

    Hey all the beautiful people out there, all of you must be frantically shopping to find the right gift for your loved ones. To me a perfect gift is as important as wrapping it perfectly. Going by the simplicity route, I wrap my things with ribbons, dry flowers, leaves whatever goes with the gift and […]

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  • Imaginary bed rest

    11209623 10153172434416201 6947536826405194768 n e1465629997917 Imaginary bed rest

    Our bed doesn’t have a bed rest. The bed is a gift from my sister-in-law and my husband will not change the bed. It is not that I die without one but there are times when I think a nice bed rest will be fine. I made myself an imaginary bed rest last night. Handmade […]