Time for some flowers

IMG 9793 e1465628091670 Time for some flowers

Time for some flowers ! Flowers work like magic for me. Like every single human being on earth, I too …

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DIY: Eid table decor

Sis tabledecor 0138 e1442470796785 DIY: Eid table decor

Eid table decor !   Eid Ul Adha is just around the corner. This time Eid will be in Sharat, …

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Finding Neverland

IMG 0557 e1440488097478 Finding Neverland

The ancient saying if there is a will there is a way, is a true saying. At least when I …

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Monsoon kissed white flowers

IMG 0053 e1440490014748 Monsoon kissed white flowers

White flowers on the bloom Opening the tender petals, Slowly gently In my night garden. Early morning chirping birds Will …

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