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  • Little munch little tangy

    This is my first post of a 10 episode salad fiesta. I am very much fond of salads. These recipes will be filling and healthy at the same time.  You can consider this as a reminder to myself to eat fresh healthy food. There are times I have weird cravings. I feel I will die […]

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  • Kiss me please!

    There are few things that I hate, yes, hate, having chapped lips is one of them. It is that time of the year when your lips will hurt; crack and putting lipstick will be difficult, only if you don’t take care. At times putting lip gels are not enough. Scrubbing them in shower time or […]

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  • The fine cabbage momo

    Few days back, one morning, my ever contemplating son, suddenly asked for Cabbage Rolls. I was much surprised, as he is very picky about food and I never imagined I will be lucky enough to see such day when he will be asking for some good food. Thus I was promptly at it. I wanted […]