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  • Steaming goodness

    IMG 0016 Steaming goodness

    [ Steaming goodness ] Two years back, during my sons’s activity project I had to learn making Bhapa Pitha. For a strange reason I always thought making Pitha (Bangladeshi desserts) is tough. Now that I can make an entire cake and decorate it too, I know making pitha can be tiresome but never impossible. Hence […]

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  • Stitched dreams…

    IMG 0708 Stitched dreams...

    [ Stitched dreams… ] Bangladesh is a tropical country, with a mild winter and humid summer. In the northern side, the winter is stronger than the rest of the country. The span of winter is also very little. Thus the use of heavy blankets is limited to only few days of the year. Rest of […]

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  • Scarf it up

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    [ Scarf it up ] Winter is technically here in Dhaka, it is November already. The official season for scarves, shawls and stoles is here finally. Though we Bengali women wear scarves or stoles everyday with Kurtis and we call it Dupatta or Orna. There are so many ways you can wear the scarves. Scarves […]