Delightful disclosures

rights of nature sweden Delightful disclosures

I do not know if this is being politically right or wrong, nevertheless, living in home, locked down for almost …

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Grilled Chicken Salad

IMG 3967 e1465567504398 Grilled Chicken Salad

[ Grilled Chicken Salad ] This salad is one of my staple lunches. I like it, as it is easy, …

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A fresh look

IMG 4187 e1465557899668 A fresh look

[ A fresh look ] I was meaning to revamp my bedroom look for the last few months. Suddenly last …

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Shelf gardening

IMG 9919 e1444736370887 Shelf gardening

[ Shelf gardening ] Have you noticed, how these days the urban balcony gardens are growing vertically? In the limited …

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Kushtia this time

IMG 9301 e1441898377751 Kushtia this time

Kushtia this time !   I haven’t been able to get out and get a break in last 1 year. …

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Off to countryside

image15 Off to countryside

Off to countryside   Finally after a long wait I am going for a quick break. A little vacation into …

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Green hues

IMG 0664 e1440487855431 Green hues

The best quality glass in the world are the Belgian glasses as I have always heard. Clear, dot less, scratch …

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Beautiful Nepal

Nepal 103 e1440490743812 Beautiful Nepal

I have been longing to write on my tour to Nepal last year around this same time. As I got …

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