Fine art of….

Basically a basket, I made it a light shed.

Adibasi is a term used for all the heterogeneous set of ethnic and tribal groups considered to be the indigenous population of Bangladesh. Adibashi people live mainly in the hill tracts of Chittagong belt also they live many other plain land areas of the country. There are about approx. 40 groups of Indigenous communities in Bangladesh. They cover almost two percent of the total population.  According to the government statistics the total number of Adivasi is 12,05,978 which is only 1.03 percent of the total population.

an adibashi fruit basket with hilly fruits in it…

The name of the indigenous communities are; Bawm, Chak, Chakma, Khyang, Khumi, Lushai, Marma, Mro. Pangkhoa, Rakhain, Tanchangya, Tripura in Chttagong Hill Tracts regions; Bhuimale, Lahra, Mahali, Monda, Noonia, Oraro, Pahan, Palia, Rabidas, Raybansi, Ranjoarh, Rana KIarmaker, Santal, in the North Bengal Region and Been, Bhumig, Boraj, Barman, Dalu, Garo, Hajongn, Halem, Kharia, Khari, Koch, Konda, Kurmi, Manipuri, Nayek, Pangan, Patra, Shabar in the Mymensingh and Sylhet region. The different ethnicgroups have their own traditional social system, practices, customs, language, literature, heritage, religious practices, costumes, food habit and festivals. Their livelihood depends on agriculture, aquaculture, handmade cane products, clay items, weaving etc.

To safeguard the food, came made food covers.

9th August was the Adibashi Day. On the occasion of Adibashi day, Manusher Jonno Foundation organized a fair. They had all sorts of splendid things in the fair. Mouth watering organic hilly vegetable & fruits, silver jewelry, cane items such as bowls, covers, baskets, brooms, clothes and so on was there for both exhibition and sales purpose. I had a great time surfing through the fair and bought several things. I really hope to have more of such fairs frequently as these items have a good market in Dhaka and the adibashi people will also find a market which will benefit them greatly.

Santal brooms to clean their houses, I clean my bed.

I am always a big fan of Tribal products. My home is filled with items used in rural tribal households starting from fishnets to Kerosene lamps. This time I got brooms, baskets, food covers and fruits. Thank god the jewelries were not for sale, or else would buy out all and be bankrupt. The fair was filled with creative artisans who learned the tricks from their forefathers. They make beautiful natural handmade items for everyday use, for me they are decorative items that adorn my home.

Oooo la la…
They were not for sale, for exhibition only, thank god!

Photo: Author.